MA Anthropology and Sociology

M.A. in Anthropology and Sociology

Our Master's Programme in Anthropology and Sociology brings together core elements from both disciplines in a research-oriented study programme that focuses on contemporary social issues and problems. The anthropological part of the programme focuses on non-Western cultures and societies, enabling us to critically reflect on our own society; the sociological part contributes important theoretical and methodological impulses. The combination of the two disciplines allows interrelating and assessing ongoing debates in both disciplines. It also opens up new perspectives so that you will be able to develop innovative research questions and trajectories.

Christian Meyer, Judith Beyer, Frank Oberzaucher, Maria Lidola, Thomas Kirsch

Examples of courses offered:

  • Theorien in der Ethnologie
  • Soziologische Theorie
  • Ethnomethodologie
  • Kritische Methodologien in der Ethnologie
  • Interaktionsanalyse
  • Ethnographies of the Religious Body
  • Achtsame Berufe/ Soziologie der Achtsamkeit
  • Die Romantisierung der Gemeinschaft
  • Resistance
  • Staatenlosigkeit