• Anthropology in Konstanz

    Social and Cultural Anthropology in Konstanz has an international orientation and aims at research-based theory-building while also seeking dialogue with qualitative approaches in Cultural Sociology. The research groups of Prof. Dr. Thomas G. Kirsch, Prof. Dr. Judith Beyer and Prof. Dr. Stefan Leins include regional expertise in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Dr. Maria Lidola focuses on Latin America and Europe. Thematic core areas are political and legal  anthropology, economic anthropology as well as the anthropology of religion and of migration.

    Students can take anthropology courses as part of the B.A programme in Sociology or of the M.A. in Anthropology and Sociology.

    Application period for summer term : 08.12.-15.01.
    Application period for winter term: 12.05-15.07.

  • MA: "Sociology and Anthropology"

    Our Master's Programme brings together core elements from both disciplines in a research-oriented study programme that focuses on contemporary social issues and problems. This opens up new perspectives in both subjects and allows you to develop own ideas and innovative research approaches.

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Medienauftritte Prof. Dr. Stefan Leins

Im Kontext der aktuellen Geschehnisse auf den Finanzmärkten hat Prof. Dr. Stefan Leins verschiedenen Medien Auskunft gegeben. Basis dafür ist sein Buch Stories of Capitalism, welches eine anthropologische Perspektive auf Finanzmarktkulturen entwickelt.

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